Home: Bedroom Details

I’ve just finished our bedroom decor and have loved every minute. The style of our house is Victorian so it has beautiful cornencing, high ceilings and bay windows. We wanted to keep the charm of the property whilst also including colour.


When we bought the house the walls were cream with one dark purple ‘feature wall’. It’s a great size bedroom but the wall did make it feel smaller and darker, not to mention the massive wardrobe inside. We have completely reconfigured the layout of our furniture and comfortable have a wardrobe, dressing table, super-king sized bed and side tables. We’ve gone for one colour on all the walls – salty blue from B&Q. It’s brighter than expected but works really nicely against the white skirting board and ceiling.


To add our own style and extra colour was all in the details. I opted for making table cases from glass jars and sticks. These are tied with jute and finished with peach roses. The hanging lanterns are our favourite as a feature, but handily also free up space on your bedside table. Rustic frames and signs fill one wall next to our window, and are filled with some of our favourite holiday postcards.

IMG_2066We actually kept one of the old wardrobes that were in the bedroom which is from IKEAs Pax range. My partner Dominic suggested this idea – Thanks Dom! We removed the doors and added on a 50cm wide section to the end. We then got some traditional doors and handles costing £140. The final part was adding a mirror door to the centre. This has been fantastic in making our room feel even bigger and brighter… and the wardrobe looks a little smaller.

IMG_2095This is our first almost complete room in our house (just a carpet to go down) and I absolutely love it. It’s a bright airy space perfect for relaxing!

What do you think? Sx


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