Reclaimed: Chalk Paint Table

I’m a big fan of chalk paint. Why? The benefits are fantstic. You take a piece of furniture to paint. You don’t need to remove varnish or sand it. The paint goes straight on. And it doesn’t take long to dry.

I recently found this beautiful chest coffee table on Gumtree for £60. We really wanted a square coffee table but struggled to find one that was a good size and the right height. This chest is a beauty!


We always would have painted it, but when we got it home we realised how badly it had been varnished before, so it really needed a clean up. Although not necessary, we gave it a quick sand all over to even out any surfaces, then removed all the iron handles and latches. We then took off the chest doors and got to work.


Chalk paint dries really fast so within one evening it had 2-3 coats of chalk paint and we left it overnight. Once dry it was all put back together, and we gave the latches and handles and new lock of black gloss paint.

The finishing touch, which is another benefit of chalk paint, is to sand areas randomly around the top and sides to showcase some of the old varnish underneath giving it that shabby sheek look.

IMG_1620It’s as easy as that. And we’ve had some fantastic compliments for our unique coffee table. You could also use chalk paint on chairs, fireplace surrounds, book shelves to give a rustic look.

Where have you used chalk paint? I’d love to see your projects! Sx


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