Wedding: Personal Touch

I think it’s important that your wedding has you and your partners own style (literally) stamped all over it. It’s the only way that your day isn’t just another wedding, and it’s those personal touches that all your guests will remember.

I love vinyl lettering as an easy way to transfer onto any surface. However, it can be quite pricey to purchase online. And when I wanted to do 50 names for my guest place settings it was going to cost me about £45.


Instead I did my research and found decal paper. I bought ‘clear water slide decal paper’ from Amazon, £4.75 for 5 sheets. It allows you to print onto these sheets from a regular printer, and I used this for my guest names. You need to mirror image your desired transfer so that it’s the correct way round once finished. Once printed allow the ink to dry for a few minutes, or manually dry with a hair dryer. You can then cut around the area you’d like to transfer. (Note: cut around like a bubble shape close to the outlines of your transfer. If you do a rectangular straight shape it won’t look as good.)

Next get the surface you’re looking to print on to – Mine was a white wooden heart for each guest. This part is a little tricky but it only took 3 attempts to get the nack. Dip the transfer face up into the water, and then gently place flat on the desired area of your surface (wooden heart). It’s important not to let the transfer slide and the ink will run. Apply pressure with your fingers across the print from the centre outward. Leave to dry for 10-15 minutes whilst you work on other transfers.

Youll find that the back layer of the decal paper should slide right off. There is another clear layer that may still be stock to the surface of your transfer but it will peel away very easily. Once this is all removed be careful not to touch the ink as it will still need an hour or so to fully dry.


The results: 50 lovely handmade place setting hearts that only cost £4.75 to do, and £12 for 50 hearts. It’s also something I think a few of my guess will keep 😊

Have you tried using decal transfer? Please share your work. I’d love to see x


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